Rental conditions
Rental conditions
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  • Gift certificates from Car Rent

    Gift certificates from Car Rent

    Car Rent is pleased to present company gift certificates for renting any car. Now there is one more way to please your loved ones, colleagues from work, bosses or clients. A gift certificate is a universal gift, a pre-revolutionary to whether it is a urochist, or as an acceptance sign of respect, both for lads and for girls. On a note: if a woman does not drive a car, it is possible to rent a car with water, and you yourself will give you some comfortable trips and your turbo.

    Wash the whistleblower:

    • The term of the certificate is 6 months.
    • If the rental rate is less than the lower nominal value of the certificate, the excess is transferred to the next rental, nothing is wasted.
    • Trips can be booked all over Ukraine. It is possible to provide for a close person a more comfortable transfer during the week-end for a place, at the exit of the air.

    By granting such a certificate, you grant the ability to choose any car, whether it be a class, for your taste, guaranteed safe travel and high level of service. Receivers of hostility will be rich!