Wedding Car Rental

Car-Rent offers rental cars of various price categories for weddings in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.

All you have to do is choose the car you like best and we will decorate it based on your preferences.

Renting a wedding car at Car-Rent is incredibly easy.

  • You can hire a private chauffeur who can drive the vehicle of your choice. However, it’s not a must, as you can drive the car yourself;
  • Personal wedding chauffeur services are available to order at any time during the car rental period. If you get tired and decide change your mind, you can always call and hire a personal driver who will get to the specified place and replace you;
  • Cars for newlyweds and wedding convoys are also available for rent. We will provide you with the required number of vehicles for the transfer of all guests.
  • We do not limit the terms of wedding car rental to several hours. You can rent a car for as much as you like
  • We save you the hassle of decorating wedding cars and motorcades. The car will be prepared and thematically decorated before being delivered to you.

To order a wedding car or motorcade, contact our personal assistant.

+38 099 011 72 24